Special interests have too much influence in the Legislature

California’s Legislature is dominated by special interests at the expense of voters.  Special interests use backroom deals to pass last-minute legislation without any public notice. Too often, this ends up benefiting well-connected interest groups and hurting California families and voters.

Join now to give power back to voters

Proposition 54 will put a stop to the secret legislation, give voters more access to the legislative process, and make sure legislators are working for voters, not the special interests.

Follow Proposition 54 from its initial filing to qualifying for the November ballot.

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The Solution: Proposition 54

Proposition 54 will shine a light on the backroom deals and empower voters by:

Giving the public and their elected representatives time to read legislation before its enacted. This will require that each bill must be in print and posted online for at least 72 hours before it may pass out of either house (except in cases of emergency when legislation is needed immediately).

Posting legislative meetings online so the public can watch. This will require lawmakers to post video of their meetings online within 24 hours, and keep a record online for at least 20 years so people can look up how a law was enacted.

Allowing the right of all individuals to record and share what goes on in the Legislature. This will guarantee the right to record and publish video of legislative meetings, bringing lawmakers’ work into the light of day for all to see.

These reforms will restore legislative transparency and level the playing field so voters come first, not the special interests.

Get the Facts

Giving legislators, their staff, and the public time to review last-minute changes in legislation is a common-sense practice that will improve governance in California.

James P. Mayer, California Forward